Timothy was a traveling companion of Paul's. A native of Lystra in the province of Galatia, Timothy was the son of a Jewish mother and a Gentile father. His mother, Eunice, and grandmother, Lois, were believers in Jesus.

Paul took Timothy on his trips, and Timothy represented Paul at various times in Thessalonica, Corinth, Ephesus, and Macedonia. Timothy is named as co-author of seven of Paul's letters.

In the two letters sent to Timothy by Paul, Timothy appears as timid, perhaps because of his relative youth. It is believed that Timothy became the first bishop of Ephesus, and that he was martyred there in 97 AD.

1 Timothy and 2 Timothy are the 15th and 16th books of the New Testament. The book, entitled "2 Timothy", seems to be the last book that Paul wrote, possibly around 66 AD.

1 Timothy was written by Paul to instruct Timothy on problems that had arisen in the early church, concerning doctrine, church practice and government. The 2nd letter is more of a personal letter that expresses Paul's deepest feelings, and though his life would soon end, God had eternal life waiting for him in heaven. He tells Timothy to stand firm in the face of the coming persecution.

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