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Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod - This is a Bible-believing, traditional Christian denomination that seeks to evangelize to people around the world. is a website (sponsored by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod) dedicated to offering real answers to the questions, challenges and objections that people may have about the Bible and Christianity.

Bible Gateway - You can conveniently look up Bible verses online. Offers several English translations, including King James Version, New International Version, Young's Literal Translation, etc. - Have you ever missed a great opportunity because you weren't listening carefully? Twenty centuries ago some clues to impending good news of monumental import eluded most folks. Fascinating prophecies of Jesus' birth and life bring revealing insights into your own life today."

Bible Query / - Verse-by-verse answers and insights about various Bible passages. Addresses many so-called "contradictions."

Blue Letter Bible - Look up Bible verses in English and view their original Hebrew and Greek texts.

Questions skeptics ask about Messianic prophecy - This site answers questions raised by skeptics about important prophecies that foreshadowed the life of Jesus, including Micah 5:2, Isaiah 52-53 and Psalm 22.

101 (cleared up) contradictions in the Bible

Fulfilled Bible prophecies - is a comprehensive site that explains more than 100 Bible prophecies.