How to read the Bible online

1. Click on the link for Bible Gateway which is at this Internet address:

2. On the Bible Gateway site, you will see links for Passage Lookup, Keyword Search and Topical Index. Click on the one that says "Passage Lookup".

3. In that box, type the name of a Bible book and chapter that you want to read. For example, you could type: John 1 or John 2, etc.

4. Click on the "Lookup" button or press your Enter or Return key.

You can use these steps to read, online, all books and chapters of the Bible. In fact, you can select which English translation you wish to read. The Bible Gateway site offers several English translations, including New International Version, King James Version, Young's Literal Translation, etc. The site also offers translations into other languages.

Our advice for reading the Bible

If you wish to learn more about Christianity, consider reading the book of John. It is a short book with 21 chapters and it can be read in about two or three hours. It explains the life, the mission and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

There are several English translations of the Bible. We recommend the New International Version (NIV).

Links to online Bibles

Bible Gateway - You can conveniently look up Bible verses online. Offers several English translations, including King James Version, New International Version, Young's Literal Translation, etc.

The HTML Bible - Offers an online concordance and translations into several languages.

Blue Letter Bible - Look up Bible verses in English and view their original Hebrew and Greek texts.

Bible Study Tools

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