Megiddo is a raised fortification that protects and overlooks the Jezreel Valley. It dominates the route between Egypt and Syria, and because of its position, many battles were fought in this area. In fact, there may have been more battles fought there than in any other place in Israel.

Excavations have revealed 24 layers of occupation going back 3500 years, when Thutmosis 3 and the Egyptian army conquered the area from the Canaanites. Eventually it came into the hands of the Israelites and King Solomon built an elaborate city there and fortified it. Not long after, in 925 BC, during King Rehoboam's reign, it was captured by Pharaoh Shishak of Egypt.

Later, it fell to Tiglath-Pilser III, King of Assyria, in 732 BC, who made it the capitol of one of the Assyrian provinces. After King Josiah's battle against Pharaoh Necho in 609 BC at Megiddo, the city is not mentioned again in the Bible. The city's continued destruction and rebuilding has resulted in raising it into a high mound.

It has become one of the largest archeological excavations in Israel. In the future, the armies of the world will assemble there at Armageddon (Mount Megiddon) (Revelation 19:14-16) for the great battle.

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