Jericho is about 15 miles northeast of Jerusalem. During the days of Jesus, the ancient site of Jericho was largely abandoned and there was a newer settlement to the south, which had been built by King Herod.

Jesus performed miracles here, including the healing of a blind man named Bartimaeus. Jericho is believed to be the oldest, continuously inhabited city in the world. In ancient times, about 3400 years ago, Joshua sent two spies into the walled city, where they were aided by Rahab, the harlot.

Because of her assistance, she and her family were spared when the Israelites attacked the city. After seven days of circling the city with the Ark, the Israelite army shouted and the walls of the city came down. Jericho was the first major conquest by the Israelites after they crossed the Jordan and entered the promised land.

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